Tuk Tuk Driver Tour – Sri Lanka

2013 – Negombo, Sri Lanka – Our Tuk Tuk driver takes us on tour around this area .

FISH MARKET Before we could see the market we could smell the fish. The market was teaming with fish and people were so busy busy !! We follow our driver along the fishy water pathway to the market. The vendors were busy gutting fish for customers. Many varieties of fish and some with brilliant color. We came here as part of our guided tour around Sri Lanka, what an amazing place.

We took a picture of a parrot fish. We didn’t realize his name. But our guide told us he does resembles like a PARROT.

Also some of the largest Tiger Shrimp we have never seen them but they look like lobster tails.

Huge collections of mats near the beach, where fish are spread out to dry. We don’t want to be near this area. We have never seen so much fish in the sun in this one place , and we can smell the distinctive smell of the drying fish, from quite a distance. There was quite a selection of fish the day we were there and it was nice to be able to see the way they were prepared and put out to dry in the sun.


  1. The Parrot fish is very colorful. I see how it got its name. I don’t care for shrimp, but my husband loves them. I think just one of those might be a meal! However, all those fish lying out in the sun….don’t think I would want to eat them.

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