All Over Africa On Safari

Our time on safari in the Serengeti was absolutely amazing. Each day had its surprise of seeing animals in action. Not just 1 or 2 lions but a whole pride of more than 10 lions at a time and is not uncommon. Our guide was a very knowledgeable of the wildlife and the geography of the park.

We saw pretty much every animal living there. The Big-Five many times over! Zebra’s, wildebeest, giraffe, hyena, lion, cheetah, leopards, rhino, hippo, elephant, birds of all kinds, warthog, fox, turtle, crocs, monkeys, and more! We saw animals eating other animals, animals fighting, playing, sleeping, eating, and animals mating.

Lady Lion, White Hippo and Zebra we are happy seeing us and taking photos of them

Mom is taking care of her son in Tanzania and is feeding him.

Botswana- Later we traveled around the Chobe River seeing so many animals in the water but later we saw these Giraffe near the river and they are happy together. Such an amazing experience and so to much see and do.

This Cheetah is running so fast, He is such handsome and dotted guy.


  1. Wonderful images of the African wildlife, my special attention went to the last shot that shows the elegance and the speed of the cheetah. Have a nice evening and thanks for sharing Anita.

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