Alberta Is Such An Adventure

October 2021-So happy to see our family- Direct flight from Halifax to Calgary Boeing 737- Max 8. Two years after it was banned from flying but it is now cleared to return to the skies. When we boarded it looks so much advanced. Great seating and wonderful technology, movies, travel stories, music and we are located in the air.

Today we had fun 7 km walk around the trail in Cochrane. We can see the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in the distance. So beautiful. On our way back we see huge hay fields with so many cattle ranches here.

Banff National Park is a great day trip for us. Seeing these Rocky Mountains are so breathtaking. I have so many photos I took with my 35mm but these are just a couple from my phone. Around Bow Falls Trails was a great place to hike . We saw mountains in the distance. When we walked around the bend we saw these vigorous rapids. Parks Canada had us protected with a rail, but a beautiful site to see.

DRUMHELLER, ALBERTA- Next Day we had great outing today. Is this a Pyramid? Walking around and we saw these mounds in my mind and this brings back memories of seeing the Pyramids in Egypt.

This Drumheller Valley is one this unique heritage. The dinosaur capital of the world and we were so amazed seeing this area.

The Drumheller hoodoos are an iconic part of this area. These structures are made up of sand and clay, and were formed over thousands of years from erosion by wind, water and the freeze-thaw cycles.


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