Stephen King – Novelist

Stephen King put Bangor, Maine on the map. We really loved staying in the small New England town is inextricably associated with the famous writer, and his red Victorian mansion is its beating heart.

People from all across the country stood infront of his house . We all flock to this glimpse into the author’s life and his home on West Broadway. 

This looks like a Gargoyle

A tree sculpture at Stephen King’s Bangor home is done, and features books, animals, and “The Thing Of Evil “


  1. Such a great novelist. I sure have enjoyed all his books. How cool to actually see his house, and it is so beautiful. That tree sculpture is something else, and I like the cats on the bookshelves! 🙂

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  2. An appropriate time to visit Stephen King’s house, as it’s Halloween Month! What a gorgeous home, and I can imagine the fall foliage on the East Coast is stunning at the moment!

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  3. Wow, it looks so beautiful…and haunting. LOL. Is this the place where the Pet Sematary is based on? There are so many animals in that statue or something. It could be the Pet Sematary.

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