Over the Hill – Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #218

OVER THE HILL -Cape Breton Highlands where the Mountains meet the sea. As we hug the world-famous Cabot Trail coastline, you’ll wind through Cape Breton Highlands National Park.

Guatemala -Pacaya Volcano is one of the three active volcanoes in Guatemala. We noticed a bit it in the distance from across the water but we can’t go over the CLIMB OVER THE HILL.

China -The Great Wall of Badaling – we climbed OVER THE HILL and saw 800 meters above sea level

Here is my entry for Donna from Wind Kisses blog guest hosted Lens-Artists Photo A Week Challenge. 


  1. I was immediately drawn to the Great Wall of China: I visited there over a decade ago, and I still remember how awe-inspiring it was. Thanks for bringing back the good memories!

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  2. Cape Breton Highlands is a stunning meandering road along the cliff. I love that you captured just a wisp of cloud cover. Makes it interesting.

    The Great Wall of China is truly a climb. Great choices. Thanks Anita.

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