Leaving Delhi to Madhapur

Jan 10 2012We got up at 5 AM. The hotel staff brought us coffee and tea. We arranged two box breakfasts and the taxi arrived at 6 AM.

We headed out on time to The Nizamuddin Train station in Delhi. Pretty hectic at the station. Lots of homeless people all over the place, but we did give them food.

We headed up the steps to the station, passed our bags through the security machine which was rejected. We went to the ticketing area and found someone to tell us how the whole thing works! Trying to tune our ears to the language and the dialectical English. We figured out which platform and train so we went to platform 1 in search for Rajasthan. To make it even more confusing , we had to find out which seat we had reserved by checking a paper list of names on a bulletin board by the train tracks. Finally we found our names and seats.

The train was late by 1 hour. It took us about 40 minutes to figure out how to find the right section on our train. We managed to find our First Class Air Conditioned Coupe C. No matter though it was good to get out of the cold and we had a compartment for ourselves…

A guy came by about every 30 minutes offering ,omelets or sandwiches. Delicious. And we brought granola bars and bananas.

Sawai Madhopur  District in Rajasthan state, India. and is a much smaller place than Delhi and easier to maneuver.

We followed the crowd out of the station and spotted our driver with our name card. We climbed in to the back of his jeep and after a very breezy and bumpy drive through town.

We arrived at our Tiger Moon Hotel



  1. Love to read about your traveling.Come also to Pakistan,I will round you the places worth seeing like India.The historic Peshawar city,Torkham,Swat valley,Mardan Site.Give a heart,u would ago a lot.The traditional kabab,Qawa (green tea)goat meat are the tasty delicious cuisine of our land.I’m also your blogging friend.Tariq writes.

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  2. A blast from the past! It’s so cool you got to go to India, and it’s incredible how much you remember of the trip, even over a decade later! A place I definitely want to visit someday. 🙂

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