Puffins! Puffins! Puffins!

We are so excited to see so many Puffins on the rocks in Elliston, Newfoundland. The Puffins spend most of its life at sea, covering a wide swath of ocean while feeding and only spending time on land to breed and hatch chicks. 

When the birds come to land to breed, they undergo a change and begin sporting a bright orange and yellow beak, dressing up a bit to catch their husband. at the breeding ground, The females lay their single egg in a burrow. Within six weeks the chick gets an adult plumage and begin caring for itself.

My hubby is searching for Puffins to zoom in on them.


  1. How interesting. I did not know that their beaks changed color. Puffins have got to be the cutest birds, I think it’s the eyes. It makes me think of a stodgy old barrister wearing a bright orange tie 🙂

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