Johannesburg – South Africa

On our way back from Cape Town we have an overnight stay in Johannesburg. Exhausted after our early morning flight, we can’t resist taking the rest of the day to see our surroundings. From the moment we enter our Hotel and we saw facts surrounding this dark period of South Africa are outlined in a well presented way with scripts and incredible photos.

Nelson Mandela -Our guide took us to this exhibition Mandela is both uplifting and saddening. A description of his history, political beginning and his time in prison.

Witch Doctor Shop -This was the fun part seeing African Traditional Medicine. All new to us. We were told some illnesses are caused by witchcraft or through neglect of the ancestors. Yikes!!


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  2. Absolutely spot on, world today misses leaders like Mandela dearly.

    Mandela simply was an incredible human being with an inspirational journey of life. Recently I had the pleasure of immersing myself on his autobiography ‘Long walk to freedom’ and I was so moved by the book. 😇 

    Mandela has left a unique mark on the history of mankind which will be spoken for years to come. 

    Having read Nelson Mandela’s autobiography one important thing I have realized is how good a leader Mandela was, with his natural ability leading by example which really sets him apart. 

    I wrote this little nugget of an article that summed up Mandela’s top 5 leadership qualities with excerpts from his own life reflections. You’re more than welcome to have a look! 😊


  3. Glad you could make it to the Mandela museum (but the witch doctor shop is all new to me) 👀. I know there are many witch doctors in South Africa (or probably all over Africa) and it seems they have a big follow from their communities!

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  4. Must’ve been fascinating checking out the Witch Doctor Shop, especially in comparison to our knowledge of medicine in the West. Another fun time in Johannesburg, it seems!

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  5. I want to know more about the witch doctor shop. That’s very intriguing. I don’t believe illnesses are caused by ancestors though. LOL. What did the witch doctor say about the pandemic?

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