Bermuda – Day 3

This morning there was 26 KM running event this morning. We saw so many runners. It is named Half Day Derby Race. They noticed so many friends running by.

In the afternoon we went to see Gibbs Hill Lighthouse. It was built in 1844 and made of cast iron. It has 185 steps to the top.

We saw a Weathervane on the ground and later replaced with a radar scanner.

There was an old iron anchor sitting on the ground.

We drove over to see the Convict Cemetery in 1845. We realized the convicts were brought from England.


  1. Such beautiful views, I really miss this island, Anita! That’s a beautiful photo of Gibbs Hill Lighthouse. During my honeymoon there in the early 1990s, we stayed at a hotel that was, I mean was there, not far at all from the lighthouse. It was called the Sonesta. A hurricane came along some years after we left and destroyed that hotel which is still sad for me. I’ve seen satellite photos that show an empty space. Perhaps there is a new venue there now. Enjoy!! 🍻😎🌴🌞❤️

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