On our way to Bermuda

We arrived from Halifax to Toronto Airport with an 8 hour layover. We walked and talked and ate some snacks. Our plane sitting on the tarmac for hours.

Looked like this guy had a hat on his head ..hummm . Opps sitting behind a lamp on the table in front of him

We finally are landing now. So excited to visit our son and our daughter-in-law living in Bermuda.


  1. Long layovers can be fun at first, as you get to wander the airport at your leisure and eat/drink some good (albeit overpriced) food and cocktails. But it does get tedious after a while…I’m sure you were relieved to finally be in the air!

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  2. Did you have any delays in check-in times? There’re so many horror stories about wait-times at the Toronto airport. But maybe it’s only for people checking in from Toronto?
    Hope you’re having fun in Bermuda!

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