Kruger Safari – South Africa

Hippopotamus – In the Water -The hippos are keeping a close eye on us as we sit on the rocks taking their photos. All is fine unless they get out of the water and will kick us out of their way. HA!!

They love being in water and spend around 15 hours submerged to keep their massive bodies cool.

When the sun goes down they travel over land to graze. We were there at a perfect time. Later we saw them during the sunset walking on land.


  1. We were in a boat in the Okavango in 2014, happily snapping away at hippos about 30m away. Our captain gunned it when one of the hippos dropped below the surface and a ridge of water came rippling towards us at great speed. We were safely out of the way by the time it popped up at the spot where we’d been taking photos. They are not to be messed with, more dangerous than the elephants.


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