Lens-Artists Challenge #193 – Birthdays

We always travel around the world on our Birthdays in March. It is a great way to celebrate and explore countries and place we love to see.

Beijing 2019– A very beautiful area surrounded by Kunming Lake and so many children playing on the ice.

2018-Hong Kong Victoria Peak, 552 meters above sea level and great views of the city below.

2014- Botswana – We loved seeing this sweet little guy with his Mom.

2004 Machu Picchu – Loved our time there for our birthdays but we had altitude sickness. YIKES!!

This week, on Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #193, John from Journeys with Johnbo is the host for this week’s challenge and he’s picked the theme They say it’s your birthday…


  1. Good to see that you too love to celebrate birthdays while travelling 🙂 At first when I started to read this I thought how nice it was that you shared a birthday month and could celebrate both special days on the same trip. Then I thought, but that means only one birthday trip 😆

    I love that photo from Botswana in particular – such a sweet shot 🙂 A shame about the altitude sickness at Machu Picchu. I was fine there but had it bad on Cotopaxi in Ecuador some years later and that was on MY birthday!


    1. Oh that’s great where you didn’t get the attitude sickness. But we did explore the area and was a very interesting site we saw. Hoping to get back to explore our world soon . Thanks for stopping by Anita


  2. No way! You share the same birthday month as me. Love seeing your photos from past trips during your birthday…I’ve likewise traveled every year for my birthday (with 2020 being the exception, due to “you know what…”), and it’s always a thrilling experience getting out and seeing someplace new, all the while celebrating another year around the sun. Happy belated birthday to you!

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