Lens-Artists Photo Challenge # 187: WATER WATER EVERYWHERE !!

Peggy’s Cove – Bluenose 11 sailing by the Light House –

Costa Rica one of my favorite beaches, Manuel Antonio. Don’t get me wrong…yes the waves are strong but watch out for the undertow!!!

Rarotonga – Cook Islands –so much water to see.

This week, Anne shows her beautiful water photos of the ocean, river, waterfalls, and many more.


  1. I’d love to be there now. I quite fancy a beach holiday, sitting in a deck-chair with a book, not worrying about anything, and with someone on hand to bring me cold towels, cold drinks and cool snacks!


  2. That beach at Manuel Antonio looks stunning – unfortunately it’s one of many places we didn’t manage to fit into our short two week visit. Maybe another time!


  3. Water, whether in the form of oceans, rivers, or even puddles, is mesmerizing. I think what makes water so beautiful is its vastness and uncertainty, which evokes the sensation of the sublime. Thanks for sharing some gorgeous spots on Earth!

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