Goodbye Turks and Caicos

Departing Providenciales and on way to Nova Scotia. We had our PCR test done and filled out our form to arrive into Canada. We downloaded our boarding pass but it was not accepted. We had to go back to Air Canada to have boarding pass printed..and return to the long lineup.

People arriving from the USA

We boarded our flight and we found great seats. I sat by the window and Pat sat in the isle seat..and a empty seat between us..for our safety.

Beautiful colorful sky.

Below I see Ontario. We will be there on time. No delays.

Beautiful lights

When we arrive we had to line up to have our tests done again. Took an hour to be tested. So hard on all Canadians and some missed their connections. We finally were able board our flight within 15 minutes. Lucky we arrived home.

Hello Nova Scotia


  1. Wow, it feels as if you spent a long time in Turks and Caicos (although based on your posts, it was only a two-week break?). Glad you made it home safely!


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