Cheshire Hall Plantation

This morning we decided to go to Cheshire Hall Plantation we walked along the highway and arrived in about 35 minutes . It was open at 9AM but the guide turned up around 10 AM ..but we needed a rest . The fee was $10.00 each and the attendant was creative making pottery. I bought a toothpick holder designed as a cactus. Not much much to find here on the island .

Our guide and took us around the area. She and explained about the history of this area . She pointed out many medicinal plants to prevent blood pressure , flu , infections etc,

By 1778, thousands of Loyalist abandoned their holdings there and fled, along with their slaves to the Turks & Caicos Islands.

Thomas Stubbs to seek his fortune in the Caicos Islands and settled on Providenciales (then known as Blue Caicos) in the late 1700s and name his plantation after his home county. The buildings were constructed from locally cut limestone.

Up to the early 1800s, Cheshire Hall was the most important site on Providenciales and at its height was comprised of about five thousand acres of cotton fields and employed hundreds of slaves .

Cheshire Hall we noticed several ship graffiti inscribed on a lower exterior wall at the rear of the (main) building. An interesting site to see.


  1. Charming part of the island, but walking along the highway to get to your destination sounds a bit scary! Thankfully, it looks as if there wasn’t a ton of cars on the road, so it shouldn’t be too stressful…


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