Turks and Caicos – Adding another Country to my list.

Such a great getaway from our frosty weather. No direct flight from Halifax due to omicron. We had a four hour layover in Toronto..but we didn’t care. We drove to the Halifax airport at 3AM and arrived at Providenciales 2PM.

It took about 2 hours to clear through security. A lady ahead of us from the USA didn’t bring her passport. She was rejected. Yikes!

Beautiful site of ocean below. So beautiful.


  1. I went there years ago…although I’m wondering if Turks and Caicos counts as a country? A quick Google search says apparently it’s a British overseas territory…but if it counts as a country, I’m all for it!


  2. How wonderful to get away somewhere warm! Hopefully we’ll be doing the same in a few weeks’ time ๐Ÿคž Meanwhile I’ll look at your beautiful view from the plane and dream …


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