Lens-Artists Challenge #180 – Favorite Images of 2021

Unable travel out of our country but the best we could do was see different areas in Canada.

Cape Breton- June 2021 -such a great get away. Brings back memories of growing up in Cape Breton. A five hour drive from Halifax and fun get away.

Prince Edward Island July 2021- Beautiful sandy beaches. In the past we could only take the ferry but now there is bridge crossing over from Nova Scotia. Loved our time there in June 2021.

Newfoundland , August 2021- we were so excited to take the ferry and see different sections of the Province. Loved finding these Puffins on the rocks .

Alberta, October 2021 -We visited our family so happy to see them. Lucky we found this direct flight. Loved roaming around in Banff. This river was rushing down from the Rocky Mountains and caught my attention.


  1. I’m so glad you got to explore this year. Banff is on my “must see” list. Hopefully, we’ll get there later this year. You’ve explored beautiful places! Lovely memories and photos, too.


  2. Beautiful images Anita and what a blessing to live in such an amazing country! 💚


  3. Lots of beautiful gems, even within your country! I likewise got to explore more of my home country this year, and it’s a refreshing take than it is to travel internationally. Wishing you a prospective 2022!


  4. Beautiful post Anita and yes, there is a great deal of beauty right in your “backyard” (ok maybe a bit farther away but no international border crossing required!) Your images are terrific and bring us right into the scenery with you!

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  5. Hi Anita. Your photos remind me that even though it’s cold and grey here in Ontario today, that blue skies and warm weather will be back again soon enough!

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