Trans Canada Trail – Nova Scotia

SALT MARSH TRAIL -It was a frosty day but so worth seeing the ocean from the trail. It extends 7 kilometers and worth the walk. This was built on an abandoned old CN railway corridor.

Our Doggie, Zoe is a miniature Schnauzer and is trying to jump in the ocean to catch these seagulls. She has heredity in her as a hunter. We had hold her back to distract her, ” Find your cookie!!”


  1. Splendid photos. I feel like I was there. I especially like the second photo, where the circle of ice looks like a saucer or the top of a volcano. With the arching tree limb and the colors, it’s lovely! What a great walk.


  2. Cute and clever Zoe. 🙂
    Many of the old abandoned train tracks can fortunately be used as bike trails or walk paths – good for a different kind of journey, but not less exciting. 🙂


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