Sedona, Arizona: Red Rock Wonderland

2015-This is a state park of Arizona, United States, featuring a red sandstone canyon outside the city of Sedona. Rugged, multi-hued red rock formations that caught our attention. Like the Grand Canyon, Sedona’s rich red rocks owe their unique beauty to millions of years of erosion. The more distinctive formations have been given names that resemble their shape like Cathedral Rock, and Snoopy Rock. I always notice these Rock People are staring at me.


  1. I was just there in October. Truly a vibrant place, with the distinctive vortex seemingly pulling you into its mystical territory. Glad you enjoyed Sedona during your stay!


  2. Now you mention it I can see the rock people too, especially in your middle shot. Weirdly it reminds me a little of the faces in the Bayon Temple at Angkor!


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