Bogota, Colombia – Day 4

2020 – Presidencia de la República is the official home and workplace of the President of Colombia. It has the main office of the executive branch and is located in the capital city of Bogotá, Colombia. We walked by and saw guards standing with guns. They were trying not smile but waved us over and stood by them to have our photo taken.

As we walked by Palace we noticed there were guard dogs sniffing the vehicle to see if there were bombs or ammunition. These dogs are so intelligent. And also with officers with guns checking the vehicle before they could enter. As we took this photo he was staring at us.


  1. It’s amazing, isn’t it, how often soldiers and guards armed to the teeth, want their photos taken with perfect strangers. I’ve got one of me on the beach at Cadiz in Spain with a Civil Guard who had laid his gun on the sand beside me while he discussed family planning! This was in the late 1950’s but I still remember it. That Palace looks interesting. Is it ever opened to the public?


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