Where the Travel Bug Bit!!!

COSTA RICA – 2004 our first visit. An amazing introduction to this  mystical country and the world of travel.

Day trips are easy to travel from Jaco to Manuel Antonio. Expecting to come away with great memories of the white faced monkeys and they are show stoppers in Costa Rica.

But number one was the travel story we heard from a fellow hiker, Ronnie, from Belgium .

We were here hiking around and I was “Bitten” but wasn’t life threatening but definitely life altering.

That’s what “Travel Bugs” can do. He told us he had another trip planned to Borneo, within a month. Wow, that is impressive! When I questioned him about his past travels, he told me he had been to 50 different countries! That was it…. BONG! Inspiration set in and my first thought was, how many countries had we visited? Second thought, why are we going back to the same places over and over.

As soon as we get back to our hotel we made a list of the  places we have been. 23 countries so far. That’s it! The very next day we book a trip to Panama and we are still trekking and haven’t looked back.


  1. So Costa Rica was where it started it all! What a beautiful place to fuel your love for travel. My love for travel actually didn’t start until I visited France for study abroad in college, and by then I’d already visited a good handful of countries. But I have to thank France for getting me into solo travel and discovering new places as much as possible!


  2. You have us motivated too. I wonder how many countries we have visited? Costa Rica looked fun. We have taken upon a new way of travel for a few years and will enjoy off road in remote locations. Should be fun. I look forward to seeing your new list as you grab that bug. Donna


  3. I can appreciate where you’re coming from in your thinking, my husband and I decided many years ago to travel as much and as often as we could but then we found that as we made good friends along the way, the thought of not seeing them again made us change our mind. It just wasn’t possible to continue to visit new places and never return to the old, so we compromised. We travelled to new places but when the urge to be with friends we’d made in other countries became too much, we’d return there. It worked for us, to the extent that we would maybe spend just a few days with them, and then tour out from that area, seeing that country in depth rather than just scratching the surface. But to each his own, keep on travelling however you do it, even if it’s only in your own province or state, the main thing is to have an open mind and to enjoy what you do and you are, I can see that.

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    1. Yes ..I am addicted to seeing places where we haven’t been. I love seeing our world with feet on the ground. Sometimes we fly to see our family and often return to places where have been. Hope you can get back to see your friends.


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