Northern Lights – Alberta ‘SO HAPPY’

Friends and Family saw these Northern Lights here in Nova Scotia but not me. Even our kids saw them when we went off on vacation. We were booked to go see the Northern Lights in Norway and cruised through the Fjords but missed seeing these. Others saw the when we returned home. We travelled all over the world but never saw any.

Just before were packed up and ready to return home in the morning. SO EXCITED SEEING THESE NORTHERN LIGHTS .


  1. Wow, and such a great display too! I’m happy you got to see them 🙂 I know how you feel – we had a couple of failed attempts so it was all the more amazing when we finally saw them!

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  2. Yes, I heard about the solar flare which caused the Northern Lights to be seen even in southern Canada/northern US states. I don’t live that north, but I’m envious of those who could see them when they otherwise couldn’t. Such beautiful lights that I hope to see someday!

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  3. Amazing! Yes it’s a nature thing so we just need to cross fingers to see the beauty🤞💕🤞💕🤞 Glad to know you finally saw them, lucky you!🙌💕🎉

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  4. Ah wow – amazing – We also went to Norway some years back but unluckily had a very poor showing – a bit of a green flicker across the sky and that was it really. It’s hit or miss isn’t it. On the very odd occasion they can be seen from the very northern tip of Ireland but there again it’s luck on the night. I love the reds and purples – were they just visible through a lens or to the naked eye?

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