Lens-Artists Challenge #171 – Weird and Wonderful

We really enjoyed our time last week in Alberta. So happy to finally visit our family on the other side of Canada.

Drumheller – My Dad went here to try to become a coal miner. Eventually he decided to become a rancher. He returned back to Eastern Canada before we were born. To the southeast, the Atlas Coal Mine National Historic Site explores the Drumheller Valley’s coal-mining heritage. On the edge of town, the Royal Tyrrell Museum contains a large collection of dinosaur fossils.

Dinosaur and his Buddy are great coal miners.

Baby Bull is saying Hello!!

Mr. Hoodoo has beautiful bushy hair. He is a sandstone pillar resting on a thick base of shale.


  1. Interesting and fun, weird and wonderful, yes. I do love your Mr Hoodoo – but I think he should pull out some hair from his nose…


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