Welcome to Singapore

Early morning for us! Picked up at 5:30 AM ….over an hour run to the airport in Phuket from Karon Beach. During rush hour traffic, it is a three hour run.

Our flight is with Air Asia. Read some negative reviews. None from me! The plane looks brand new and very friendly staff. Smooth two hour flight and now we are in Singapore.

Singapore airport is spotlessly clean, and so well laid out. As per our rule…no checked baggage. Fast and simple process to clear through Customs. The taxi drivers are clean cut and no scammers in sight….not like those we dealt with in Bangkok. $24.00 later we arrive at our hotel at Clarke Quay.

Holiday Inn Express in Clarke Quay is lovely. Beautiful lobby, friendly staff and speedy check-in. Our room is small, with the most comfortable bed we have had so far on this trip to Asia.

architecture asia beautiful buildings

Location ! Location! Clarke Quay is a fabulous area. Close to several metro stops and by the Singapore River. Our first walk is around the river area. Tons of restaurants and bars along the waterfront. Quiet by day….active by night.

This evening we decide to go Italian. Loved our Thai food. Now,time for a change. Ricciotti Restaurant , nice classy spot by the riverfront. Loved our pasta and fabulous wine. Tomorrow, off to see the city!

singapore 1


  1. Haha, the second paragraph made me laugh😂 Every airline company gets tons of negative reviews no matter how they did try their best. Enjoy your time in Singapore dear🎉


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