Arizona – A Great Destination

Our Home Exchange ( Florida)- Scottsdale Arizona. This was a great base to explore the sights, our first time ever here. We shopped, we dined, we heard music and travelled all over the area.

Day 1- We visited the Pueblo Ruins. We realized this was 1,500 year old archaeological site of the ancestral Sonoran Desert people (Hohokam). A very interesting site to see.

Pit house Replica.

Remains of solstice room -Some researchers think the room may have been used as a calendar

After lunch we explored the beautiful Desert Botanical Garden. It was fascinating site of Sonoran Desert. The towering cacti and alluring succulents were high on my list .



  1. I’m so used to you covering travels in Europe, Asia, and Canada that I forget you’ve also been to the US! I’ve actually never been to Scottsdale, but Arizona in general certainly boasts a lot of natural wonders to be seen!

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  2. Great photos, Anita! I’m glad that you like the desert. That’s a different desert, Las Vegas is in the Mojave Desert. 😎🌵 Las Vegas translates to The Meadows.

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