Weymouth – Canada’s oldest Multi-Cultural Community

We were in lockdown with our stay in Digby, Nova Scotia. The rain was pouring down coming our way with high winds from Hurricane Ida. We couldn’t walk around the trails and explore the area. However we found this Museum and only a 20 minute drive away. Now this was very interesting….

After the Glacial Ice receded, the Archaic Indians returned here 5000 years ago. The Mi’kmaq’s lived here for 2000 years before the arrival of the Europeans and their lives changed forever. Many died from diseases that were introduced with no immunity.

Sissiboo River – The Mi’kmaq word for river, “Seboo.” The second explanation derived from the French for six owls “six hibou”. The settlers had seen six owls near the river, and named the river after the sighting. In French, six hibou is pronounced seese eebou, with the letter h silent, a perfect sound match to Sissiboo. 

Six Hiboux- John T. Connor

The Acadians established a small, vibrant colony in the 1600’s around near Weymouth. They were building dykes to tame the high tides and to irrigate the rich fields of hay. With their friends and allies the Mi’ kmag they felt secure, even when sovereignty over their land passed to Britain after 1713. In 1730 the British authorities persuaded the Acadians to swear, if not allegiance, at least neutrality in any conflict between Britain and France. But over the years the position of the Acadians are Nova Scotians .

The Loyalists – Some named them British Tories, however, they came from many backgrounds including German, Dutch, Scottish, Irish, English and minorities like Quakers.

Black Loyalists – There were 3,500 newly-freed slaves, those who had bought their freedom. The Black Loyalists landed here. New Brunswick was a part of Nova Scotia until it was created in 1784 as a new province.


  1. This is so interesting, thanks, Anita! Ida did so much terrible damage to Louisiana and elsewhere down here. A big reason I’m high in the desert!


      1. The big thing here is earthquakes of course. In nearly ten years here I have yet to feel one. But, they have happened in California and around Reno I think. Scary! The San Andreas fault is 200 hundred or so miles south of Vegas.


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