My Husband’s New Album – ‘Senor Dude’

Pat wrote these songs and is a fabulous singer and guitarist. Take a listen to ‘Senor Dude’. It is now LIVE and available at You can also Stream it on Spotify, Apple Music and most other streaming services

Here you will find all the songs on Senor Dude

Senor Dude is also available on SPOTIFY, APPLE MUSIC, ITUNES, AMAZON, ETC

Happy Listening!

  1. 1Canadian Boy4:02LYRICS
  2. 2Sitting By The Waterside4:29LYRICS
  3. 3Songwriter693:58LYRICS
  4. 4Through The Story3:53LYRICS
  5. 5I’m Gettin’ U4:33LYRICS
  6. 6I Wanna Be A Lion3:38LYRICS
  7. 7Crisis2Crisis5:00LYRICS
  8. 8Coupe DeVille3:39LYRICS
  9. 9Livin’ In Paradise4:17LYRICS
  10. 10Come To My World4:19LYRICS
  11. 11At The End Of Our Days3:45LYRICS


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