MV Atlantic Vision

This ferry is much like a Cruise Ship. We were ahead of many waiting in line to board the Ship. Limited capacity of passengers due to Covid. Organized, efficient, and lots of staff available. This is a great way to travel .

Our car is on Level 5 and Puppy Zoe must stay there. We are sitting on Level 7. Great seating with views of the ocean. There is also take out food from the restaurant.

I climbed to Level 10 and such a great view of the ocean.


  1. The big ferries across the Channel between the European mainland and GB nowadays look more like cruise ships, too.


  2. Great views from the ship .I was worried about her. We had to board 2 hours before we set sail..took us 9 hours to disembark..waited 2 more hours to get through the dock yard..everyone had to be interviewed regarding Covid .Yuck


  3. Wow, those are some beautiful views! The restaurant looks super fancy like something here, I hope Zoe is OK in the car!


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