Vessel stranded near Dartmouth Yacht Club

When we sailed by we saw a worker on board .The ship is more of an eyesore than an environmental threat right now, but eventually it will start to fall apart.

Hydra Mariner, the former Cape Mira was built in 1963. The boat began fishing out of Louisbourg in October of the same year. Eventually it returned to National Sea and was converted to a scallop dragger working out of Lunenburg. 

2001 with a plan to convert it to a “chase boat” for seismic operations. This never happened and the boat kicked around various berths in Halifax for several years.

 The Canadian Coast Guard is trying to figure out what to do with a steel-hulled vessel that escaped its moorings in December 2020 in Halifax’s Bedford Basin. It drifted to the shores of a small island, where it sits today..


  1. Thanks for this post, we were wondering the story as we see this often. Just curious if you happen to know the story of the abandoned wreck on the shoreline almost under the Macdonald Bridge behind the Coast Guard building? We happened to notice the derelict rusted wreck that actually looks as if someone built a dock around it! We sailed under the bridge last night and saw it!


  2. Hmmmm… That’s a challenge. We human beings seem to be better at starting/creating/building things than we are at ending/recycling/re-using/composting things…


  3. It’s a problem – what to do with these old derelicts when they get too old to be useful anymore. Maybe there are places these boats can be towed to (while they are still towable) to be dismantled and scrapped.

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