Acapulco – our second trip. We scratched Mexico off our list

Acapulco – I never think about this place any more. It doesn’t seem to be on the destination list for vacationers. We loved it and still laugh about our experiences there.

When we first arrived we were starving and grabbed a big burger in the hotel restaurant. I guess it was a Mexican burger because when I chomped into, what looked like a pickle, almost blew my head off. It turned out to be a Mexican very hot pepper. Wow I can’t believe how much beer it took to drown the heat.

Montezuma’s Revenge

All went well until Pat came down with a bad case of diarrhea. What can I say? We were only at country number Two. Back then who could resist a cold margarita with lots of ice. Before long we were both on the run. I went to a local doctor for some meds. I have no idea what he gave me but I was left passing out in my dinner at, what was supposed to be, a pretty exciting cliff diver show.

Flight -Crash Landing

Things got pretty tough when we boarded our plane for home Just before takeoff, local police stormed aboard and arrested couple of lads and hustled them from the plane. Wow not good for them we think. Eventually two others, who almost missed the flight, got their empty seats. Everyone cheered and congratulated them on their luck.

All seemed OK until somewhere, during dinner, we quickly went from bad to worse. The piolet announced a mechanical emergency. Dinners are grabbed from our laps and dumped in garbage bags. Everything was shoved into the toilet areas as we prepare for a crash landing.  With stomach issues, No toilet facilities! This is a disaster in itself. We are thinking of the two who were escorted off, are luckier than us. What a panic. It turns out we have fire in one engine. With our heads between our knees we land in Dallas. All we see from the windows are ambulances and fire trucks. Quite a rush. Many hours later we take off again and make it home. Many wouldn’t get back on the same aircraft. We figure we got our money’s worth, as far as travel excitement goes.

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  1. My goodness! I completely understand why you are not thinking back to Acapulco with great memories 😳 … but still, you live to tell the story (and can hopefully look back and say ‘we were indeed very lucky’).

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  2. What a wild ride you had, from food poisoning to a near-crash landing! It’s a shame you missed out on the diver’s show, as I saw it in-person when I was in Acapulco two years ago, as it was pretty spectacular. Thankfully, you’ve recovered since then, and I’m sure this experience has really shaped you into the intrepid traveler you are today!


  3. Wow, that’s a lot of “excitement”. “No toilet” I know how that feel. “The two who were escorted off, are luckier than us.” Goodness. This is like a drama from a disaster movie, but it is real.


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