Lens Artists #133 – My Photography Journey

Here is my entry for Amy of Lens-Artists Photo A Week Challenge 

White Rhinos in Kenya. Baby is so happy to be with his mom.

The Great Sphinx of Egypt. We really love our journey through Egypt. So much to see and do. Photos bring back memories of our time there.

Beijing – The Great Wall of China – Badaling. We were able to visit China without a Visa ( TWOV) .We learned you can enter and then later move on to a different country and not return. It worked well.

Lions in Serengeti. Husband and wife are so happy to be together.

Sky Bridge -Montverde, Costa Rica, our last journey- 2020


  1. Photo’s bring back so many memories! Your photo of the sphinx brought back a sad memory to me … we were in Egypt in March 2020 and had a long list of places we wanted to visit, but then Covid happened and we had to leave the country without seeing that sphinx 😧. Hopefully we will be able go back one day …


  2. Oh yes, thank goodness that this past year we’ve had memories documented so that we can virtually revisit our travels! You’ve had some wonderful experiences – the nursing white rhino is amazing! Here’s to 2021 and maybe our next set of memories soon! Thanks so much for sharing your journey.


  3. Photos bring back memories – they do. How grateful we are for this invention! Wonderful tours and photos – white rhinos – what a treat. Thank you for taking us.

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  4. Photos do bring back the memories! When I was looking through my old photos it took me right back there, even if I laughed at how silly, or how bad the photo was. The memories are still great!
    Lovely photos… especially Mr and Mrs Lion! ❤

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  5. Thank you for sharing your journey and memories though your wonderful photos.
    Egypt was our last oversea’s trip before the Covid-19, and we had to cancel our April 2020 trip to Costa Rica. Hope to see this beautiful place in the future.

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