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Yellow Fever Certificate

Before heading out for dinner I realized I forgot to bring my Medical Yellow Fever Certificate. Without this certificate I cannot change planes in South Africa when returning  from Zambia. Pretty upsetting !! Our flights are non refundable so this could set us back about $1000.00 if we cancel and we must rebook to Zimbabwe.

Before heading out I sent a couple of frantic messages to our daughter Holly and we hope she will see them soon.

We decide to go back to Trastevere for dinner. We wanted a nice restaurant to celebrate our 25th. Once again an amazing dinner. We each ordered Osso Buco. We loved this meal and so was the wine of course.

We just get in bed at about 10:30 when we get a FaceTime ring from Holly. We fill her in on how to get into my locked office and my locked desk. Fingers crossed she will find my Certificate. At 1AM we have just drifted to sleep when we get another message. Pat walks Holly through the search for the key and voila she finds the key and finds the medical  passport. I’m so happy as I wasn’t really certain it was in my desk. Now she assures us she will FedEx it to Norma Chapman, our house swap host in  Cape Town. Finally we get back to sleep.


  1. Glad you got the yellow fever certificate in the nick of time! Sounds like you also had a wonderful last night in Rome, with delicious osso buco to boot!


  2. Those little details! Last year the first leg of my flight from Denver to India was running late, and it was a good thing. My cat-sitter couldn’t find the key I thought I had hidden. I found a FedEx drop at the airport and put my house key in it. The cat had a day or so alone, but it all finally worked out. Whew!


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