Stanley – Hong Kong


Riding on the top deck of the Double Decker bus to Stanley was like an actual tour. The hour long ride from the South to the North side of Hong Kong offered incredible views of the city, the ocean, and Aberdeen.


Stanley Market

This is the highlight of the area. Shops with samples of designer clothes. Pat found a perfect replacement for his longtime Wolfskin Travel pants. Me, I love my nice designer top!

Pearls – Fongs Collection

I bought three sets of Black and two Pink for my friends. I have been searching everywhere during this trip in Asia. So excited to find these. The owner sorts through the pearls selecting the best match and then strings them. In Canada the charge to string Pearls is $250.00. Here there is no charge.

Smugglers Inn

This ancient Pub is great. Love the fish and steak sandwiches. Really tasty. Makes me hungry thinking about them. The coolest part of this pub is seeing the walls and ceiling are covered with bills from all over the world.

Stanley Square

Historic and beautiful. There is a lovely Temple and fabulous views of the Bay. A young school boy approached Pat and asked to interview him in English which was a second part of his school project. So cute. He gave Pat a book-marker that he made as a Thank You.

We Made a Mess of our Return

We grab our bus to return. All went well and only one stop to go. Now we are heading under the bridge to the other side of the Harbor. We have to walk across the pedway to find the MRT to take us back. This adds an extra hour to return.

Oh well! For us this is the norm when we are travelling around a city we don’t know.