WatSuwan Kuha – Monkey Cave

Phang Nga Province

Wat Suwan Kuha., known as the Monkey Cave. Monkeys are monkeys running all over the place and swinging from trees. Monkeys are real doers. We see them pulling an antenna from vehicle in the parking lot. Interesting to watch people feeding them bananas. Obviously they do not realize the risk of being bitten.

The the temple is located in the cave called Tam Yai. This is the largest of the many others caves inside this limestone mountain. The entrance has a ancient decorated gate. Hard to get a photo with so many people taking selfies.


Amazing to see an temple in a cave. I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Many interesting sites inside the temple. The huge Chedi contains bones from the Na Takuathung family. They governed the area and 160 years ago created this temple. Even though I am not a history buff, this was interesting to me.

Surprising to see such a huge reclining Golden Buddha. It is at least 15 meters long. It symbolizes peace of mind from anger and suffering. This is something I learned while here. Very interesting.

Located next to the Buddha, we climb a steep set of stairs leading to a small grotto with a golden stupa. This is used as a place for meditation.

From here we continue on the narrow pathway to another part of the grotto.  Very peaceful and the further we go inside the quieter it gets.

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