Chiang Mai to Karon Beach Thailand

The easiest and fastest way to travel from the North to the South of Thailand is by air. Only a two hour flight. Surprising  to see a huge lineup of passengers waiting to enter the airport in Chiang Mai. No one without a boarding pass was permitted to enter. A security check before entering the airport and another security check upstairs. For safety reasons it is worth the wait.

Thai Smile Air is a good discount carrier. Nothing like we have in North America. Flying for two hours for $75.00. Fabulous! Flight is on time. Surprising to see how much legroom we have and to be served a nice little chicken noodle dish and a yummy coconut gelatin dessert.

Best to arrange airport pickup before arrival. Grabbing a taxi upon arrival is double the price. SRC Travel was perfect. Only 800 THB for our one hour and thirty minute drive to Karon Beach.

Chanalai Hillside Resort is amazing. Fabulous rooftop pool, wave pool and a lap pool. Only a few steps to the rooftop pool from our 7th floor room. No one in the pool but us.  Beautiful views of the Andaman Sea and Karon Beach. Perfect treat for us and excellent location. It is walking distance to the beach and Night Market.


So many great restaurants in around the area. The first one we try is Anna’a Restaurant, located right across from our hotel. Nice outdoor seating, fabulous cheap food and huge servings.

First time ever we tried street food. Always nervous of getting food poisoning. That’s my  phobia. The aroma of the grilled food made my mouth water. The chicken skewers were the best ever and became my appetizers every evening and also the shrimp skewers and the Thai crispy roles etc. etc.





  1. I have been to Thailand twice – Bangkok, Kanchanaburi, Phuket, PP Island, Krabi, and Hong Island. Never been to the North. Planning a third trip for Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, and Koh Phangan.

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  2. I’ve actually heard that Thai street food is just as sanitary as those at proper, sit-down restaurants (in fact, restaurants buy street food to serve at their places). Looks delicious, all the same!


  3. We’re flying Thai Smile later this year, so I’m glad to hear you liked it. Also, my travel medicine doctor told me to avoid street food, but all the travel bloggers I follow seem to eat it. What did you think? Did you ever get sick? Did you keep trying street food? Did you stick to just cooked foods? It seems like really missing part of the experience to avoid street food, but I’ve had food poisoning before, too. Horrible. Never want it again, much less on a vacation.


    1. I know I have always been leary of street food and this was my first go at it . Cooked fresh in right in front of your eyes is the best bet. If in doubt move on to the next stall. Night markets have the best variety and freshness. I recommend to stay with cooked food. They are always busy and the food turns over quickly. I had it quite often and never got sick . I noticed at a few restaurants, staff coming in the back door with cooked shrimp, picked up at the night market… there you go.


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