Chiang Rai – White Temple

Chiang Mai is my favorite place to visit in Northern Thailand . So much to see and do. Looking back I wish we had stayed longer.

Its been a long time since we have visited the White Temple. Its design and art is outstanding. It reminds me of a Thai version of Gaudi’s unusual design in Barcelona.

The White Temple

As we cross the bridge to enter the church, we see hands reaching from Hell. It is a show stopper. They have guards standing in the middle of the bridge to move people on . There are so many more tourists here than there were a few years ago.

So many wonderful sites to see in this area. The artist is Chalermchai Kositpipal. He keeps adding to site in the area constantly.

Another site that caught our attention, is the Golden Toilet. Of course the men’s line moved along in a heart beat. Obviously not the norm for the women’s line. Many tourists thought it was a Golden Temple and a place of worship. Nope it’s a Public Restroom.

The Golden Toilet


  1. I’ve seen the White Temple in SO MANY photos. I can understand why, because it’s stunning! Gives me inspiration to visit Thailand some day. 🙂


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