Bartolome Island – Galapagos

Day 5 Bartolome Island

This afternoon we land on this pock marked island. A small island located on the center of the archipelago.  It’s hard to believe anything can live here. It seems like we’ve landed on the moon.

We walk to the summit of a once active volcano. As we climb, we see all the evidence of the once deadly volcano that erupted here. Lava tubes and spatter formations everywhere. On a clear day, more than ten islands can be spotted from the top of the viewpoint. We have a great view of Sullivan Bay and Pinnacle Rock. It is breathtaking and worth the 30-minute hike!!


  1. It’s very true that Bartolome is different, no animals here, except for a few penguins depending on the season, but the show belongs to lava still devoid of any vegetation.


  2. Wow, what wonderous wonders you experienced! The Galapagos is more than just the wildlife, as you’ve proved with the unique natural formations in your photos. I’m excited to go there some day. Thank you!


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