Home Exchange – Sant Cugat del Vallès

Majorca to Spain

A short 15 euro taxi ride to the airport and arrive too early . We are now sitting at our gate and see our flight is delayed and doesn’t say for how long the delay is. Well it turns out it’s only about 20 minutes late. ..oh well that’s travel.

The cab from the airport is an experience on its own . The driver can’t locate the address on his GPS . It’s written in Catalan and the GPS only understands Spanish . It’s a white knuckle ride on the AP7 as he types and re types in the address as he drives —130 clicks. Finally he phones the maid who doesn’t speak English either. After a few circles we arrive. Thank God!!

Sant Cugat del Vallès lies about 15km north of central Barcelona

Home Swap

We traded our vacation house in Florida with the owners here. The maid has her I Pad with a translator app and she explains the house to us and then leaves. We feel a little lost but it’s always that way with a home exchange. The house is nice very modern , everything is wired. Out first challenge is to find a grocery store. Our GPS doesn’t work since we didn’t download the maps of Spain before traveling. Always something to learn . We scan the diagram Miguel left for us and finally we find a really great grocery store called Mecredes. The food is so good. That is one of the reasons we like to travel. I cooked up some shellfish. They were great but a lot of work taking off the shells.