Goodbye China! – Hello Thailand!

Beijing to Bangkok

2:30 AM . We find the Yellow Cab driver sleeping in the lobby. We wake him and off we go to the airport. There is no traffic and we arrive in about thirty minutes.

Huge airport, but easy to manoeuvre. We checked online and avoided the massive Checkin line. As soon as we go toward boarder security we walk through the yellow booth that checks for body temperature. Next step is passport control to clear through customs. First thing is to fill out the blue and white exit card for the Tranfer without Visa (TWOV).

Easy exit through boarder security as we have the TWOV sticker on our passports. Next step is the security check. All electronics and cameras are checked. Everyone I saw had extra screening. Each bottle of liquid was examined . There were ten people in front of us and it took at least thirty minutes we get cleared .The good part is it gives peace of mind that no dangerous items are brought onboard.

Bangkok Thailand

Thai Air. Easy boarding. and no row numbers announced. Full flight and everyone tried to crowd past and get ahead of the line . Clearing customs in Bangkok was a breeze, with no questions asked.

All was easy except dealing with the taxi drivers. The first driver quoted 800 baht and refused to turn on his meter. Too rude for comfort. Went back to the line and took another number. Next one refused to use his meter as well and wanted his money upfront. He looked sketchy to me. Another number. This driver looked clean cut and honest. Turns out he was the worst. We insisted he turn on his meter. As soon as we got in his car he became extremely rude. I was nervous the whole way. When we arrived the meter read 260 baht plus 100baht for the toll. He basically threw our luggage at us. This was worst taxi experience ever.

The good news is the hotel staff are very friendly. We are at the Salil Hotel Sukhumvit Soi 11. It’s an old hotel but very clean and roomy. Busy area with lots of Street Venders.


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