Living Goddess of Nepal

2013- We make our way to Durbar Square in Kathmandu. Along with many historic temples in the square, this is where the Temple of the Living Goddess resides. She was a 12 year old girl named Kauri. She was chosen at  to be the goddess at the age of 3. We learn there are many children tested until the true one is found. The harshest test is for a child to remain in darkness for days surrounded by snakes. During the time men jump out and try to scare her. To pass she must remain calm.

This child passed the tests and became to Goddess. Kauri remains in the temple with her family and can show herself in the third window on the top floor at 4:30 PM. And there she was. A sweet little girl dressed in red. Her eyes looked sad. NO PICTURES ALLOWED. Once a year in September during the festival she is carried through the streets in a parade.

On a happy note, when she becomes a woman, she must leave the temple for good.

There is no way I can smile is this photo, thinking of the little girl, Kauri trapped inside.
Kauri, Goddess of Nepal.


  1. I saw several videos on this on YouTube. After menstruation, when the living goddess has to leave her image of goddess, she was speaking of how sad it was for her to see some other girl enjoying that attention and all of a sudden she had to leave behind all the attention she used to get as goddess.


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