Brunei – Land of Contrast

2012- Brunei was our first stop visiting Borneo. An unusual small country. We were shocked to realize alcohol is forbidden in Brunei. Later we realized non-Muslim visitors are permitted to bring alcohol into Brunei for their personal consumption.

View of Brunei from the River

It was the best way to catch a view of the area on our row boat cruise. On one hand we see the riches of the King living in a sprawling Palace with the Golden Mosque. On the other hand there are people living in little shacks on stilts in the river.

Local Restaurant

We were looking for food and saw this local restaurant. We enjoyed our lunch but not a tourist in sight.


  1. This is a country I know absolutely nothing about, and I’m not sure I’ve ever read a blog post about it before. What a unique place to visit! I’d be interested to read more about your time there!


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