Kuala Lumpur

We flew from Cambodia with Air Asia to Kuala Lumpur… typically referred to as KL. This was one of our worst …maybe the second worst, landing ever. As we approached the runway, just before landing, the plane was pulled up quickly. Yikes!! The pilot announced there is technical problem. A scary announcement. We climbed back to 30,000 feet circling around for forty minutes. We were so relieved to finally land safely. The happy part was we spent the day exploring the area. The next day we head to Borneo.

Little India Brickfields

This is a pretty and interesting place to explore. I thought it would be larger but there were some interesting shops, selling traditional Indian food, clothing and jewelry. We saw some curry houses but it was too early for dinner. We spent about a half hour here

Central Market Kuala Lumpur

We spent over 4 hours here. It’s a huge market selling every type of Malaysian, Chinese and Indian handicrafts. There are two floors of silks ,wood carvings,pottery, clothing and jewelry. Upstairs there’s an interesting food court selling various Asian specialties. We had dinner here and it was really good.

Petronas Twin Towers

Truly a landmark, gorgeous and can’t be missed. Next time here we’ll take the ride to the top. Actually enjoyed seeing them from street level.


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