Dragon Boat Food Hue Vietnam

Returning to the boat on the Perfume River we are so hungry and ready to eat. Eating food on board became a challenge. I noticed the cooking area was next to the toilet and the cooks wash the dishes in the grungy river. YIKES!

A few of us sat around the table on plastic chairs. Some were braver to chow down than us, especially two young Brits. They were served huge beige bloated fish with their heads and bulging eyes. It caught everyone’s attention and even they were appalled. None the less they dove into it and devoured it all. All we ate were french fries. Later that evening as we roamed around the streets in Hue looking for dinner, we ran into them and were amazed to see they were hungry and not SICK!!!


  1. Do you like fish served with the head and tail? After eating fish and seafood a lot in SE Asia, I’ve become accustomed to it. Now being served without the head, tail and eyes seems artificial. 🙂

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