Stonehenge – Amesbury

2017- Our second visit here in more than ten years. Brings back memories of this incredible historic site. We booked tickets with Viator. We went with them on tour all over the world and have never been disappointed. We take the tube to Victoria Station to meet with our tour bus. Very comfortable seats but….our two hour drive became four hours, due to traffic congestion. We realize many are heading out of town as it is the beginning of the long weekend.

A Wonder of the World

We arrive at 6 PM, perfect time of the day for taking photos. The walk up from the ticket center to the stones is very picturesque and part of the appeal. The audio guide explains what we are seeing. The ring of standing stones, are around 13 feet high, seven feet wide, and weighing around 25 tons.

Salisbury Plain

The flat green plains, surrounding the stones add to the splendor. One of Great Britain’s best open spaces, consisting of a plateau like area covering about 300 square miles. 


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