Kourion Archaeological Site

A spectacular site which comprises many monuments dating back from the ancient times. We take a cab from our hotel and arrange for him to pick us up in 3 hours. He arrived on time …25 Euros return…Perfect!! The information center has a site map with a description of the area and the most important […]

Limassol Waterfront

The Promenade along the waterfront leads towards the dockside in the Old Town. Along the way it is a perfect place to see fishing boats, yachts and view of the ocean. Many restaurants in the Old Town and crowded with tourists hanging out waiting for food. We were disappointed waiting for over an hour…. had […]

Limassol Castle, Cyprus

The medieval Castle is situated in the old historic area of Limassol. This is where King Richard the Lionheart was married during the Crusades in 1191. Many replicas here dating back from the 3rd century…. weapons, Medieval pottery, tombs, crosses etc. The Castle was rebuilt in 1590 during the time of Ottoman rule. Its architecture […]

Larnaka – Cyprus

Larnaka is a bustling seafront tourist town …even in off season. Our most interesting and unusual site we see is this older lady walking along the waterfront with 4 birds on her shoulders and head. I am sure she has gone viral on Facebook and YouTube. Church of Saint Lazarus Situated in the center of […]

Nicosia – Cyprus

Nicosia, divided between the Turks and the Greeks…last divided city in the EU. Arriving into Nicosia we notice a huge Turkish Flag made of stone on the mountainside facing the Greek side. Hummm!! Presidential Palace Our first stop was at the Palace of the Emperor of Cyprus, who was once the Archbishop. This is where […]