Bogota – Day 2

Our guide took all around La Candelaria by cab. This area is chock full of key things to see. So much street art, museums and restored 300 year old structures. SPECTACULAR STREET ART Gold Museum – Bogota The Gold Museum is a place not to miss when visiting Bogota. Free admission on Sunday. One of […]

Quiet Sunday – Kyoto

Kyoto- 2017 – Our first and only time there. –Miko, commonly translated as shrine maiden. The Izumo Shrine she came to Kyoto where she gathered the female outcasts of the city and formed the first┬ákabuki┬átroupe around the year 1603.

Three Suns At Sunset

Walking along the beach area, the sunset caught my attention. It was reflected twice in the ocean waters. When I downloaded this image I noticed on the left was small reflection of the sun on the left. Hummm?? was that the sun or my camera. Maybe ???