Walton Beach

Also stopped at Walton which has a small falls under the bridge in the town and another cove on the shore which has a spillway which creates a nice falls and also some lovely cascades.

Did a beautiful walk along the beach on the Noel Shore to the Rennie Sea Caves. The big sea cave was beautiful and several lovely falls along the way, heavy flow ones but tall.

The bridge to the beach has the bottom pulled up but it is easy to just step off the side and continue down. We follow some of the brooks down to the various coves to get to the beach.

So many lovely spots out there, thank you to the folks who take the time to create the All Trail/Trail Peak entries show these places exist and how to get to them. In this case it was Benoit Lalonde posts which lead me here. Was down on the Bay for a little over three hours but could have spent hours more exploring but I was running out of sunlight.


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