New Zealand Tonga – Good and Bad

2006 -We decided to stop here on our way to New Zealand. If you would like a taste of the South Pacific , this would be the spot. It lacks tourist infrastructure but it has friendly hospitality and a uniqueness. Enjoyed our time on the beach and in the village . Grandmother and Granddaughter were designing these toys. And we bought two of these.

Tonga – It is the first island to welcome each new day. Tonga is just west of the International Dateline. On our second day we took a ferry over to the main island to Tongatapu. It was such a short cruise over and not much to see .

We took a stroll along the beach and it was all such good time to see.

When we returned the boat was rocking and filling with water and the waves crashed over. No life jackets on board. We both thought this could be our last adventure!! However we made it back .Feet on the ground!!!


  1. Whoa! What a wild end to your time in Tonga! I’ve heard about the island before, but I don’t know much about it; it’s wonderful you got to visit this small place and experience the Pacific culture that’s deep within the locals.

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  2. Wow! A pleasant adventure topped with a touch of danger! So thankful you did make it back. I’ve had a few adventure stories of that kind too so I do appreciate your safe return. 🤗💕✨

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