Santa Domingo

This Bus Driver picked us up at our Hotel on Tour and it took three hours to arrive Santa Domingo.

It stands over the eastern of this area. We climbed up these steps and arrived to see Columbus’s Lighthouse and a tribute to Christopher Columbus. In 1986, this was constructed in 1931 by Scottish architect J.L. Gleave and designed this. In time for the 500th anniversary of Columbus’s first voyage, the monument was designed.

This guy had this machete his trying protect this area. Yikes!

Our guide walked into this museum and saw this Statue of Christopher Colombus and his image caught our attention.

He was very wealthy and died 1506 in Spain. He was buried in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, where they have built him an impressive tomb — the cross-shaped monument known as “El Faro a Colon” (the Columbus Lighthouse)

We saw so much of their ancient 400 year old family furniture. These clay pots were on the floor and a metal pot was warming in this fire pit.

This guy caught my attention seeing he is riding on this horse.?

His whole family were all together. I think there was a Nun on the right side.

We climbed these stone stairs to the top. To see this site.

This elephant skin box was by foot of the bed. It was so interesting. Such historic furniture here .

Saw this piece of art, Christopher Colombus and his Son

This Deposit Box was hundreds of years ago. He had so much money.


      1. ok but I believe his remains were then returned to Seville in the 19800s – I know there’s a tomb with his remains allegedly in Seville. They say they were returned from Santa Domingo?


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