Valetta Malta

I have never seen so many cats roaming the streets in my life….is that where their name is a Maltese Cat comes from. In fact, Malta could well be the best place in the world to have a stray cats. This black cat is staring at me.

This car is sitting on this car . And this guy below is running away.

I noticed this cat was in the restaurant and begging for food. This guy gave some treats .


  1. When I lived in Italy you could see cats everywhere. After 5 year no. I wonder if they taken to a shelter. Someone was spreading rumors not nice. I didn’t believe. But I don’t have answers.

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  2. I like cats, even though I’m more of a dog person…my partner LOVES cats, so this would be paradise for her! I saw plenty of cats during my time traveling in Morocco, too, and it’s true these four-legged creatures bring a smile to our faces.

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  3. P.S. I also remember, of Malta, many drivers with their horse carriages offering rides to tourists. We had been trying to avoid them as I had felt badly telling them, “No, thanks” but, one day, while we were walking around the city — in an area where there was little tourist activity — a driver down the street spied my husband and me. He ran up to us and asked if we’d like a carriage ride — we said “No, thank you” but he persisted saying, “Well, why don’t you at least come to meet my horse, Ginger?” I could not resist as I grew up riding horses and was blessed to have one of my very own while I was a teenager. It was very hard for me to part with my horse when I left for college; my parents sold him as I wasn’t allowed to take him with me to college (very painful experience for me to remember this and it still upsets me to this day). Anyhow, long story shorter, we went to say “hi” to Ginger and the instant I touched this horse, all of these wonderful memories of my time with my own horse flooded back to me. One week later, when we got back to the States, the first thing I did was to look-up ‘riding lessons’ in the phone book. I started riding horses, taking lessons, and, not long afterwards, had my own horse once again. Then, my husband got his horse. Then, we got another horse, and then we got Miniatures horses, too (and a Miniature donkey). I credit that trip to Malta — more specifically, Ginger and his beloved owner, as the reason I now, still to this day, have horses in in my life again. I wrote about this story (and some others) in the ‘Horse Tales for the Soul’ anthology series. The story was, appropriately titled, ‘Ginger.’ 🐴❤️🤗

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  4. Hi, Anita! My husband and I were there, back in 2004, and I remember the same thing about the cats. There were cats, cats, and more cats, everywhere! We found an orange tabby, one night, outside the hotel where we were staying, and he took a liking to us. I was happy to have a visit with him because I was missing my own cats and dogs back at home in the States. I would imagine Valletta doesn’t have much of a rodent issue with all of those kitties running around! Thanks for sharing! 😁🐈

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