Copenhagen- Denmark 🇩🇰

2013 – Halifax to Copenhagen return. $740.00. But definitely a no frills flight. Couldn’t select seats when I booked but missed out, when I realized you could….we ended up at the back of the bus. No big deal though. They did give us a bottle of water though….but when we change planes in Iceland they took it back! You have to line up and take a very slow line through a congested security check before proceeding to the gate.

Keflavík International  Airport ( Iceland)-A very modern airport and super clean. Could use a Tim Hortons though. we paid $29.00 for two cold wrapped sandwiches and two coffees. Makes me unwilling to spend any more time in Iceland.

Copenhagen airportWe found the airport to be a very friendly and an easy to maneuver place. Every one is funneled to the same spot from arrivals …it’s hard to go astray. Once we picked up our bags we headed for the exit area for a train…taxis and buses and metro all leave from here. There are ticket vending machines on the baggage area but for us we need to talk to a real person to get directions .vert friendly here . ATMs are also at this location as well. very convenient Only a 20 minute ride to our hotel.

The train makes for an easy commute to the city center. Really hard to go wrong. You buy a 3 zone ticket from either a kiosk at arrivals in Terminal 3 or from an agent at the ticket office on the lower level terminal three ,after you collect your bags. We found the agent to be so helpful ,explaining which track …(track 2) .Cost was $ 7.oo. You can get off right in the heart of the City Center, near Tivoli or in our case Osterport which was close to our hotel .

Adina Apartment HotelBooked online we got an amazing price of $116.00 a night…later we noted the price had more than doubled. Must have been a great special for us.

We are really enjoying our stay. Nice and quite spacious rooms with balcony…also a micro wave , and fridge which is wonderful. The hotel is a ten minute walk from the train.

We walked by and saw this  Little Mermaid and it caught our attention.

We bought a few things in the little grocery store around the corner and loved some wine. Toast our arrival in Copenhagen .


  1. Ah, yes. Traveling can be a headache, given pricey airplane tickets (yet basic flight services), exhausting layovers, and little inconveniences along the way. But you made it to Copenhagen– that wine at the end was worth all of the effort getting there! XD

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  2. Adina is a character in Donizetti’s opera The Elixir of Love, so I think it is nice that there is now a chain of hotels with that name. (Here in Frankfurt there is now an Adina hotel right next to the opera house.)

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  3. It looks like an amazing place but is too expensive. $29 bucks sound familiar, not unlike the airports here such as Detroit Metro and our McCarran International. Once you are inside “the system”, they have got you! 😂

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